Practicing medicine. Those words used to mean providing quality health care to your patients. Now, along with providing that same quality health care, today's physician is faced with the business realities of medicine. Many of the most practical, and lucrative, practice arrangements for physicians are fraught with legal complexities. Anti-trust, Stark II, Anti-kickback regulations, and a host of other laws may impact your practice. Our practical advice will allow you to optimize your practice and still have time to enjoy life.

Personal Service. It’s a concept that Physicians know well. It’s what sets you apart from your colleagues and what allows your practice to grow. At Kubiak Law Office, you get the same level of personal attention and responsiveness your patients have come to expect. You will always receive legal advice tempered with practical knowledge and experience. In short, legal advice aimed at allowing you to focus on your practice, while protecting your bottom line.

We offer a full line of legal services to physicians and medical practices to maximize productivity and minimize risk.