Litigation - Following Through on Our Promise

Litigation. The word, itself, conjures up troublesome images. At KLO, all of our advice is geared toward avoiding litigation. However, despite all best efforts, litigation is sometimes unavoidable.

That's when you can rest assured that Kubiak Law Office twenty years of litigation experience will work for you. Whether it is a business dispute, non-compete litigation, employment related action, or any other civil action, Kubiak Law Office has the expertise and experience to successfully protect your interests.

State-of-the-art legal research and court room technology, coupled with old-fashioned hard work, combine for success in the court room. At Kubiak Law Office, we know how important each case is to every client. You will receive timely updates as to the status of your litigation, and at each critical juncture, we will discuss both of the legal and business ramifications going forward. Winning your case is important, but your bottom line is paramount.

At Kubiak Law Office, we have the record to support these claims. Whether it is successfully representing a client before the Commissioner of the National Football League, winning a $2.1 million verdict in commercial litigation, or successfully representing physicians in litigation, KLO has the expertise necessary to successfully represent you.